FULLSOLE BALLET SHOE - Variety of Colors  (weiss)

FULLSOLE BALLET SHOE - Variety of Colors (weiss)

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  • Buttery soft, handcrafted leather upper is long-lasting and hugs firmly
  • Full-sole construction adds grip to help develop foot muscles
  • Flat pleats and a thin, sueded sole for better floor contact
  • Streamlined shape molds to foot without bunching
  • Anchored drawstring adjusts for wide/narrow feet and growth spurts
  • Pre-sewn elastic strap with velvety, brushed underside for comfort
  • Breathable cotton lining to help regulate foot temperature
  • Offered in street shoe sizes, a time-saving feature we call SizeEasy

Nota Importante: 

1. Se realizan por orden especial, las órdenes especiales tienden a tardar de 3 a 4 semanas.

2. No hay cambios o devoluciones por ser una orden especial.

3. Las órdenes especiales tienden a tardar más que un producto regular; por ello, deben realizarse con anticipación. 
4. Aplican todas las restricciones de compra de la tienda.
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